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Burlington Auto Glass will provide the following:

1. Replacement windshield that is in line with manufacturers strict safety standards.
2. The windshield is guaranteed not to leak.
3. Our team members only use high quality replacement parts.
4. The new windshield is guaranteed against manufacturer defects.

Our commitment to our customers is that the new windshield will be replaced in a timely manner and efficiently by our Burlington Auto Glass certified technicians. The products that we use during any replacement are from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ensuring they meet or exceed industry standards.

We understand that replacing a windshield can be a very costly expense. At Burlington Auto Glass, we promise to provide you the lowest repair costs in the industry, offer to work on your behalf if the repair is part of an insurance claim, and are dedicated to taking exceptional care of all our customers throughout the repair process

Windshield Repair

Our certified windshield technicians at Burlington Auto Glass are committed to the reliability and safety of the windshield in your vehicle. The windshield in the vehicle plays a very important role in making certain you can see the road clearly as well as protect you from items that might come crashing into the glass. We are dedicated to doing everything possible to make the repair before we decide on doing a full replacement of the windshield. Most chips and cracks are in fact able to be repaired, so you are not going to be out a tremendous out of money on a replacement if we can effectively repair the glass.


Windshield Replacement

Repair of the windshield is always dependent on how large the crack or chip in the glass. While we strive to save our clients money by not having to make replacements all the time, if the chip that you see today is not addresses quickly it often spreads beyond repair in a short amount of time. While you might be inclined to ignore a small crack in the windshield, three or more of these cracks have the potential to severely compromise the integrity of the glass. In addition, if the crack is longer than the length of a dollar bill or is blocking your vision while driving, the time for a replacement is today.


Mobile Service

When the glass in your vehicle is damaged, you want a company to make the repair that is experienced in windshield, sunroof, back glass, and side door glass. We have been providing exception service to residents of Burlington Ontario for many years, and once on site we will walk you through the repair process from start to finish.


Sunroof Repair

While the sunroof might not have as many safety concerns as the windshield, chips or cracks can easily cause the glass to come caving in the vehicle at any time. Our trained and certified expert windshield technicians are also very experienced when it comes to fixing sunroofs. We have provided top notch service to hundreds of drivers in this area, often at significantly lower prices than the competition.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One of the reasons we continue to be the best windshield repair company in Burlington Ontario is because we always put the customer first. This couldn’t be more evident than in our unbreakable warranty that we provide to our clients. We strive to make each repair flawless, and we back that excellent craftsmanship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Insurance Claims

FDuring the years we have been in business in Burlington Ontario, we have also assisted many hundreds of customers in dealing with their insurance claims. If your vehicle has unfortunately been vandalized, Burlington Auto Glass can inspect the vehicle and work on your behalf with the insurance company.