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Windshield Repair

Our certified windshield technicians at Burlington Auto Glass are committed to the reliability and safety of the windshield in your vehicle. The windshield in the vehicle plays a very important role in making certain you can see the road clearly as well as protect you from items that might come crashing into the glass. We are dedicated to doing everything possible to make the repair before we decide on doing a full replacement of the windshield. Most chips and cracks are in fact able to be repaired, so you are not going to be out a tremendous out of money on a replacement if we can effectively repair the glass.

Our technicians work tirelessly to find a way to repair damage left behind from stones, hail, or minor cracks. When you see this type of damage on the glass, it does not immediately means that it needs to be replaced. The fact of the matter however is that the longer you leave the damage unattended the easier it becomes for it to completely block your field of vision. Once the glass has cracked to the point you can not see past it, we have no alternative but to recommend a replacement.

Our company provides the lowest prices on both repairs and replacement glass. When one of our expert windshield technicians arrive on the scene, we will easily be able to make the determination if repair distortion will affect you being able to see clearly out of the vehicle. We will also inspect the PVB, the inner polyvinyl butyral, the film that holds the glass securely in place in the event it shatters. If the PVB has been compromised, the glass must be replaced immediately.

All of the technicians at Burlington Auto Glass will provide excellent service with superior materials, while ensuring you are provided with our complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need our team to meet you on the road, the mobile crew will arrive and get you back on your way in a timely manner.